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Silver is a cruel mistress. She is lovely, but when she is mistreated, she is temperamental. Prone to oxidation and scratching, when silver jewellery is not well-cared for, it quickly becomes damaged, discoloured, and disused. Though it is highly suggested that one keep their silver clean, dry, and stored properly, we are also having our special pieces plated to further protect them.

Platinum, gold, silver…rhodium? When one is asked to list precious metals, rhodium is not often mentioned, but it should be. Much like any precious metal, the price of rhodium has experienced fluctuations in cost where it has gone from being worth virtually nothing to surpassing gold in value by over 10 times, depending on the flow of supply and demand. Additionally, it is an incredibly rare metal, and is found only in the search for other precious metals. Unlike its silver sister, it is not malleable or ductile, which makes it a poor material to make solid jewellery from. This may lead one to rightfully wonder where its value lies- the answer is: in plating.

Rhodium is harder than both gold and silver, which means it shows fewer imperfections when damaged, and is generally more durable. Our Rhodium-plated (electroplated) jewellery does not oxidise or tarnish easily, and is much easier to care for, clean, and store. It is bright, is an excellent accent to gemstones, has a high luster, and provides a clean, neat finish to a piece.

It should be noted, however, that like all good things, rhodium plating is not permanent. Depending on the daily wear and tear, our rhodium plated jewellery can last you from months to years. Much like caring for silver, keeping this jewellery clean, dry, and stored in a dark, protected place will extend its life. Additionally, cleaning it with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, refraining from using harsh cleaners, will keep your A.Brask Jewellery glistening, gorgeous, and always ready-to-wear. 

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