Posted on by Adelina Brask

Silver jewellery is proof positive that there is a reason “a classic is a classic.” There is evidence of its use from around 4000BC, and has at times been considered the most precious metal. In a way, one could say a good piece of silver is worth its weight in…gold! As such, silver jewellery should be treated well- when neglected, it can become tarnished and unattractive quickly

Dry silver is happy silver. It is important to note when caring for silver that keeping it dry keeps it bright.

Take it off! Many daily activities can cause silver jewellery to become discoloured and deteriorate, including using hygiene products, or allowing the oils from our skin to build up upon it. Water-based activities are also culprits, and it is best to remove jewellery before bathing, cooking, exercise, sun tanning or cleaning. 

Polish it pretty with a simple microfiber cloth. To clean delicate areas with fine detailing, a cotton swab can also be helpful. Do not use jewellery cleaners, impregnated swab or other chemicals as it will damage the outer plating.

Keep it in an independent storage box. Storage is the second most important factor in caring for silver jewellery. Keeping it in a dry, airtight container with anti-tarnish strips is ideal. If it can be avoided, do not store it in a humid place, like a bathroom.

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