Posted on by Adelina Brask

More often than not, we wear jewellery to make a statement about who we are. As there are billions of people in the world, there are as many personal style choices. Each one of us wants to be unique. Each one of us wants to glow. “Cookie cutter” jewellery types are generally not something we seek out, but rather exclusive pieces that no one else has.

A.Brask handmade jewellery possesses these characteristics, and the design, attention to detail, and love for fine craft shines through in every piece. Danish jewellery design, in particular, demonstrates the qualities above, straddling the line between the modern world and old world, the natural world and the urban, exploring classic designs and chic updates.

A.Brask jewelry design lends itself to the fanciful- anything that can be imagined can be created. A beautiful personal symbol can become a glittering, unique work of art. 

Our process starts with a mold which is developed from clay or wax. Once the mold is made, the finer details can be introduced. The piece is then manually processed, adjusted for size,  refinement of design, adding manual details and exclusive finish, and then plated with 3 microns, 100x thicker than our competitors, with luxurious metal like 18kt gold and rhodium.

At A.Brask Jewellery we explore new avenues of creativity and we give you the opportunity to own a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. A.Brask is an unique representation of the fine line, where the old and new world of hand-crafted jewellery meet.